LG K30 BL-T36 Battery Replacement EAC63638201

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LG K30 BL-T36 battery replacement. Compatible with several other models including the LG Harmony 2 battery. Check the specifications tab for a full list of compatible devices.

 LG BL-T36 Battery Specifications

  • LG Part #: EAC63638201
  • LG Model: BL-T36
  • Brand: LG OEM
  • Capacity: 2900mAh
  • Dimensions: 66.9mm x 55mm x 5.1mm
  • Voltage: 3.85V
  • Type: Li-Polymer

LG BL-T36 Battery Compatibility:

  • LG Harmony 2
  • LG Harmony 2 LTE-A
  • LG K30
  • LG K30 LTE
  • LG K30 Xfinity
  • LG L413DL
  • LG LMX410EO
  • LG LMX410EOW
  • LG LMX410FC
  • LG LMX410FO
  • LG LMX410NCW
  • LG LMX410TK
  • LG LMX410UM
  • LG Phoenix Plus
  • LG Phoenix Plus LTE-A
  • LG X410
  • LG X410AS
  • LG X410CS
  • LG X410E
  • LG X410L
  • LG X410S
  • LG X410ULMG
  • LG X410ULML
  • LG X410X
  • See specifications tab for the full list.
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LG Model Number


LG Device Compatibility

LG Harmony 2 Battery
LG Harmony 2 LTE-A Battery
LG K30 Battery
LG K30 LTE Battery
LG K30 Xfinity Battery
LG L413DL Battery
LG LMX410EO Battery
LG LMX410EOW Battery
LG LMX410FC Battery
LG LMX410FO Battery
LG LMX410NCW Battery
LG LMX410TK Battery
LG LMX410UM Battery
LG Phoenix Plus Battery
LG Phoenix Plus LTE-A Battery
LG X410 Battery
LG X410AS Battery
LG X410CS Battery
LG X410E Battery
LG X410L Battery
LG X410S Battery
LG X410ULMG Battery
LG X410ULML Battery
LG X410X Battery

Battery Capacity(mAh)



66.9mm x 55mm x 5.1mm



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