The 4LR44 battery is a common dog collar replacement battery rated at 6v. Made up of four LR44 batteries stacked together giving them the name 4LR44. They are also used as a replacement for cameras. For example the Pentax  6X7 and Pentax 67 batteries for which they are known as the PX28 battery.

The capacity of the 4LR44 battery is as high as 180mAh and an average of 140mAh range. It has a diameter of 13 mm (0.512 inches) and is 25.2 mm (0.99 inches) height. Nominal voltage is 6 volts.

4LR44 Battery Equivalents

  • Eveready L544
  • Kodak K28A
  • Neda 1414A
  • Varta V34PX
  • Rayovac 2CR1/3N
  • Maxell 4LR44P
  • Silver Oxide 4SR44
  • 2CR11108
  • A544V
  • 4034PX
  • PX28A
  • L1325
  • L1325
  • 4AG13
  • 544
  • 4A76
  • PX28L
  • A544
  • PX28AB
  • PX28ABPK
  • 1414A
  • 28PXA
  • 476A
  • 4G13
  • GP476
  • K28
  • V28
  • V4034PX
  • K28L
  • L544
  • L544BP
  • V28PXL,
  • 2CR1/3N
  • CR28L
  • 1406LC
  • 2CR11108,28
  • 28A, 28L
  • PX28
  • PX28A
  • PX28L
  • 4G13
  •  KS28
  • V28PX
  • 1406SOP
  • V28PXL
  • 1406LC

Special battery holders can be used to create a 4LR44 battery from four individual LR44 batteries. A single LR44 battery is 1.5V so having four of them in tandem creates the 6V needed to have an equivalent 4LR44 battery.

In conclusion any battery that has the same dimensions and voltage as a 4LR44 can be used as a replacement. Compare your battery model to the list above and if you are still uncertain then contact us and we can clarify for you.

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