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4LR44 Dog Collar Batteries

4LR44 batteries are made to a height of 25mm and a diameter of 13mm. They have an average capacity of 160mAh whereas the name brand energizer has a capacity of 178mAh. The difference in price does not justify the extra capacity. Brand name dog collar batteries are four to five times more expensive. The most common type of dog collar battery is the 4LR44 battery. It goes by many other names and is often used in cameras and other devices using the silver oxide variant which is called 4SR44 or PX28A. Other common names for the 4LR44 battery are: Energizer A544Eveready L544, Kodak K28A, Neda 1414A, Varta V34PX, Rayovac 2CR1/3N, Maxell 4LR44P and Silver Oxide 4SR44. There are over 100 different names allocated to this particular battery.

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The Cost to Manufacture Dog Collar Batteries Reduced

Referred to as PX28A or 4LR44 Battery and comprised of 4 single LR44 batteries stacked in tandem. These batteries have become much cheaper to produce yet retailers are still charging high prices. In the late 90’s these batteries cost as much as $3 each. When production technology and efficiency improved into the early 2000’s the cost has been reduced drastically. The retail price of dog collar 4LR44 batteries should not be any higher than $1 each. With this is mind, beware of unscrupulous vendors charging premium prices for these batteries.

Dog Collar Popularity Increases Demand For Batteries

Training dog collars have become very popular in the last few years and the batteries that power them have become more readily available. Demand for the batteries that power these collars has increased and driven the price up slightly. With covid restrictions eased in China there should be more shipping activity to vendors across the world.

The pros and cons of buying expensive name brands vs lesser known brands is very short. The name brand batteries are more expensive but not better by any means. Varta, Duracell and Petsafe are all great companies but the price they charge for a similar spec battery from PKCELL is not justified. PKCELL makes their batteries to strict standards and are making their way onto retail shelves across America. The PKCELL 4LR44 battery is rated at 170mAh and is a solid choice. If you have the choice between a cheap 4LR44 battery and an expensive one then save your hard earned money and choose the cheaper version.

4LR44 Dog Collar Battery Specifications

  • Model Name: 4LR44
  • Dimensions: 25mm x 13mm
  • Voltage: 6V
  • Chemistry: Alkaline MO2 (No Hg, Non-Cadmium)

44LR44 battery 5 pack

In conclusion. A 4LR44 battery is just four 1.5v LR44 batteries stacked together to make a 6V battery. The brand name is not important as the cheaper and lesser known brands make identical spec batteries. Buying 4LR44 batteries in bulk is the best way to save money. Stick to the off brands to save some money.

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