BT-1013 Battery Replacement


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  • Two pack BT-1013 Batteries
  • Overcharging Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection

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Uniden BT-1013 Replacement Battery. Featuring overcharging and short circuit protection, our uniden batteries are rechargeable for over 1500+ full cycles. This BT-1013 two way radio battery is made from grade A cells, which equates to a longer battery life and no memory effect. Furthermore, our stock is always fresh because we can sell at volume and have a high turnover of product.

BT-1013 Battery Specifications

  • Voltage: 4.8V
  • Capacity: 800mAh
  • Chemical Composition: NiMH
  • Dimensions: 45.7mm x 40.6mm x 10.1mm

Uniden BT-1013 Battery Compatibility

  • BP-38
  • BP-39
  • BP-40
  • BT-1013
  • BT-537
  • FRS-008

GMR Radio Battery Compatibility

  • MOTOROLA:   TLKR4  T4   T5   T6   T7  T8 series
  • Uniden: BP38, BP-38, BP39, BP-39, BP40, BP-40, BT537, BT1013, BT-537, BT-1013, FPB9404
  • GMR: GMR635, GMR638, GMR-638/2, GMR645, GMR648-2CK, GMR680, GMR855, GMR855-2C, GMR855-2CK
  • GMR885, GMR895, GMR1038, GMR1038-2, GMR10382, GMR1038-2CK, GMR10382CK
  • GMR1048, GMR1048-2CK, GMR10482CK, GMR1058, GMR1088, GMR-1088/2CK
  • GMR1438, GMR1448, GMR1558-2CK, GMR15582CK, GMR1588-2CK, GMR1595-2CK, GMR15952CK, GMR1838
  • GMR2059, GMR2059-2CK, GMR2089, GMR2089-2CK, GMR2099, GMR2099-2CK, GMR2238
  • GMR2875, GMR2889, GMR2889-2CK, GMR3689, GMR3699, GMR6482CK, GMR8552C, GMR8552CK
  • GMR8553-2CK, GMR85532CK,
  • GMRS: GMRS380, GMRS380-2, GMRS3802, GMRS522, GMRS540, GMRS680, GMRS680-2, GMRS6802, MR1048-2CK, MR15582CK, TR640-2, TR6402
  • RadioShack: CS90543, CS90544
  • Dantona: COM-BP38, COMBP38
  • Empire: FRS-008-NH, FRS008NH
  • Interstate Batteries: ARAD0039
  • Lenmar: RBUBP38
  • NABC: ULBP38
  • Radio Shack/Tandy: 21-1926, 211926
  • Compatible with VHF Models MHS050-2 and Atlantis 150 and many other radios
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Model Number

BP-38 BP-39 BP-40 BT-1013 BT-537 FRS-008

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